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Advocacy and Policy Work

Tiffany completed her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Alberta in 2017, majoring in gender studies and psychology, and has since established a strong career within non-profit leadership. Tiffany is committed to meaningfully mobilizing grassroots knowledge and the lived experiences of service users in policy and program development, and has provided consultation for numerous organizations in developing anti-colonial and anti-oppressive policies, training, and programming. Tiffany offers a collaborative, strengths-based, and person-centered approach to her work, while also maintaining a high degree of organization and attention to detail. Given her experience as a marginalized member within organizational leadership, Tiffany is well equipped to draw attention to the issues at hand in a straightforward and diplomatic way. As a servant-leader and a lifelong learner, Tiffany recognizes her own scope of practice and operates within a strong ethics of non-competition and transparency. Always excited for a new challenge, Tiffany excels at engaging a wide array of stakeholders and bringing a complementary balance of diverse voices and perspectives to the table.

Tiffany’s research interests include envisioning anti-oppressive and anti-colonial alternatives to the criminal injustice and child welfare systems in gender-based violence intervention, and furthering anti-colonial praxis on a global scale. To this end, Tiffany is completing the Master of Social Work program at Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin, to further develop research within this area. 

Artistic Pursuits

Prior to discovering her passion for advocacy, policy, and leadership, Tiffany had been engaged in creative expression from a young age, ranging from writing, poetry, illustration, and music. At the age of three Tiffany picked up her first pen and was well known for “contributing” additional visual content to her mother’s nursing textbooks; subsequently, at the age of eighteen, she graduated from Victoria School in Edmonton with an express focus on visual art. Throughout her undergraduate, Tiffany completed introductory coursework in design and visual art, and has completed several successful commissions since graduation. Tiffany excels in a range of mediums and artistic styles, with a focus on water colour, acrylics, landscapes, hyper-realism, portraits, surrealism, figure drawings, comics and illustrations, collage, found objects, and other forms of mixed media. Tiffany is also a burgeoning digital artist and muralist, and is actively seeking opportunities to work on larger scales. Tiffany is an ardent believer in the power of artistic expression as a form of resistance, activism, and healing, and welcomes opportunities to embolden anti-oppressive and decolonial movements with original work.

Whether you seek support with your organization, your own social services practice, or you are interested in supporting a local artist, please get in touch – our brains could make something magical!

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